PW TECH Co., Ltd. is a regional Controls Instruments and Valves supplier to the Oil & Gas, Marine and Offshore industries, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power and Pulp and Paper industries.We have more than 30 years of experience in the business.

  • We are the Authorised Agent of several well known brands of process control instrument equipment and valves such as CURTSS-WRIGHT (FARRIS safety valve, DYNA FLO control valve, STRACK gate & globe valve, SOLENT & PRATT triple offset butterfly valve ), PIBIVIESSE ball valve, SFEROVA ball valve, STORAGETECH & ERGIL pressure vacuum relief valve, flame arrester, FAI quick opening, pig launcher and receiver.
  • PW TECH Co., Ltd., has signed a partnership with Farris Engineering and DYNA FLO to provide safety relief valves, control valve and parts to the Thailand market.
  • PW TECH Co., Ltd., Rayong, Thailand-based valves team offers complete sales, assembly, and maintenance, repair, overhaul and service capability for a wide variety of relief valves and control valve, manual valves and valve with actuator with skilled technicians providing both emergency and scheduled repair services either onsite or in their purpose-built valve workshops.

We can provide also quotation and technical services for full packages projects, thanks to special agreements with qualified European and North America leading Manufacturers